View from the deck outside the master bath
View from the deck outside the master bedroom
(guest house below)
View from the pool-side terrace (Anacapa and Santa Cruz Islands)
Views from the dining room
        Above: Downtown Santa Barbara and the Mesa at dusk

Point Mugu and Oxnard from the east balcony
From the terrace outside the sun room (Santa Cruz and Santa Rosa islands)
Sunsets can be spectacular. Photo taken from the balcony outside the master bath
          The Views
View from the terrace outside the sun room
Aerial view of the property (indicated by red dot) tooking south and east
            (The Google Earth View is shown on the Property Lines page)

2303 Bella Vista Drive enjoys some of the best ocean views in all of Montecito. On a clear day, the bluffs of Point Mugu and buildings of Point Huemene may be seen over Ortega Ridge to the southeast. The view sweeps westward past Anacapa, Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa, and San Miguel islands, then over downtown Santa Barbara to end in a glimpse of the open seas beyond the Mesa.

Nearest neighboring house (below left) as seen from east balcony
View from the deck outside the master bath

CVVView from Terrace Outside Master Bedroom
CSanta BSanta Barbara in distance
CPoint Mugu and Oxnard to the southeast at dawnlick here to add text.
East Lawn
From above garage east end of house
The views are unobstructed by nearby houses--the near and middle distance towards the Pacific present a panorama of greenery. Ortega Ridge and the hills of lower Montecito block views of Highway 101 and AMTRAK, and effectively muffle their noise.

There are only two nearby homes, one situated well below the property to the southeast; it is visible (barely) from the east balcony (see left photo below). The other, above Bella Vista, is completely screened by vegetation.

The separation from the visual impact of nearby structures, combined with the sweeping ocean views is nearly unique in Santa Barbara. Privacy is such that swimming in the pool is clothing optional.

This composite photo reveals the full sweep of the unobstructured view as seen from the pergola outside the sun room