The above views show the location of the gardens flanking the main house and the guest house. The front garden is a dry Japanese waterscape with classic stone lantern and stone vessel located close to the front entry, living room, and tatami room. The second photo shows the rear garden to the left below the main residence. This includes two koi ponds connected by a tumbling stream.

The guest house area lies below and is screened from the main house by rustic fencing and bamboo.

Behind the east wing is a lawn, then hedges of Bougainvilla and Oleander fronted by rose bushes.

The orchard (oranges, limes, lemons, peaches, grapefruit, etc.) lies to the east of the garage. The land west of the drive leading to the guest house falls steeply to a densely wooded arroyo. The acreage to the south is planted with drought tolerant scrubs and trees. Avocado trees are scattered about the property, remants of a former orchard.
The Japanese dry stream garden by the front entry
The ocean and deck outside the master bath
may be seen past the corridor connecting the central part of the house and with the west wing
The view from the tatami room
Looking up the stream from the lower koi pond.
Looking down the stream toward the lower koi pond.
The upper koi pond
The path to the pool and guest house
The end of the path
A path from the pool area to the upper (sun room) terrace
The lawn behind the east wing looking southwest
The Gardens
The upper terrace looking west

The labeled aerial photo shows only the central part of the property which contains the gardens